What my past clients say

“I have had an angel reading with Caroline recently, and it was a totally fascinating and insightful experience. What was conveyed, was not that surprising or new to me, but it framed and confirmed some very fundamental things in my life and it gave me some pointers to work towards. It was incredible useful, and it has allowed me to move forward in life me more confidence in what I’m doing. Caroline is fun, sharp, warm and caring, and I would recommend an angel reading to everyone. I have now booked a reading for my partner although he’d not really convinced about the idea of angels, but I’m sure he will still get loads out of it, and Caroline is so down to earth that I’m sure she will not spook him out.”

Britt Jorgensen, UK

“Caroline and I have worked together for over a year. She is highly intuitive and communicates what she senses in a manner that helps you take the next steps on your path. There are things we may not want to hear or see, but if you are dipping your toe in to growing spiritually – I can highly recommend Caroline as a trusted guide, teacher, friend, and colleague.”

Doreen Rice, USA

“I have been looking for years for an Angel Reader to answer my questions, and after trying many people, I finally met Caroline at a crossroad in my life, who answered all my questions and was 100% accurate. The best news is that she was able to confirm that I had found Mr. Right, and indeed, I’m getting married in 2 months.”

Corinne Anastasi, Greece

“The most important relationship you can have is with yourself. Your reading has inspired me to concentrate on my life purpose and has given me the determination, strength and confidence to complete many projects I have simply been too lazy to finish. How positively beautiful to know I am surrounded and loved by so many angels. Knowing they’re supportive of my spiritual growth is truly a blessing.
“Thank you Caroline (and the angels), for reminding me, that it is ok to love myself unconditionally! I am so grateful for the reading.”

Wendy Johns, Australia

“Caroline’s Angel Reading was spookily accurate in a lot of the points raised, and so will help me sort out those areas as identified in order to improve several relationships around me. Once this has been done there will be a lot more calm and peace for me (and others no doubt!) in those areas.”

Ania Sagajllo, UK

“Caroline’s reading for me was so beautiful. Messages from the angels flowed like a stream through her and touched my heart. I knew she was speaking the truth. In her readings she could tell me exactly what I was experiencing and what new things were coming. She helped me become aware of blocks that were holding me back from being completely happy. I am so glad she uncovered that blind spot for me.”

Donna Virgilio, USA

“I didn’t believe in angels and I don’t know why I sat down for a reading but I was drawn to you, Caroline. I was taken aback at how accurate and insightful the reading was and it showed me the next aspects of myself I needed to work on, at a time of deep confusion in my life. Caroline, your gift is awe-inspiring!”

Xenia Bennett, UK

“Dear Caroline,
“Once again, I was blown away!!!! You did the vacuuming by Archangel Michael during my second session and while you were doing it, I actually saw the negativity coming out and then you described exactly what I was seeing! Then, I realised that Archangel Michael was taking a long time on my throat, and you then said the exact same thing!!!! It was unbelievable!

“In this last (and 3rd) reading, while they were clearing me out, I felt extremely peaceful and last night was the first sound sleep I have had in a long time!!! Also, I could not believe that you had mentioned the dolphins – we spent last weekend down the islands (a group of islands off Trinidad) and the dolphins showed up every single day, along with turtles, rays, and a beautiful blue butterfly.”

Maria Gillezeau, Trinidad

“About three years ago God asked to write my story. God gave me the gift of animal communication and intuitive healing abilities. I resisted the idea, being a private person and not wanting to subject myself to public scrutiny.

“Caroline did an Angel Card reading for me and saw me sitting at my computer writing. She told me I already knew what to write. Caroline didn’t know about the book I had been told to write. She had no way of knowing. That evening I knew it was a clear demonstration that God was telling me to write the book. My book The Gift was published in April of 2012.”

Judy Harrington, Kentucky USA